Thursday, November 9, 2006

Top Five Men All Women Love (Summarized)


  1. The Bad Boy
    He’s grizzled, he’s dangerous and he knows 27 ways to snap your neck using only his forefinger and thumb. He’s The Bad Boy, and when given the opportunity to choose, women will almost always select this unshaven stud on the Harley over the handsomely groomed accountant in the Acura.

  2. The Surfer
    Perfectly tanned and ridiculously toned, The Surfer looks as though he just emerged from a Men’s Fitness cover shoot. And that’s a good thing too, because conversation isn’t his strong suit.

  3. The Musician
    It doesn’t matter that he shares an apartment with seven other guys or that his band is named Atomic Festus Sludge, the fact remains that all women love a man who can carry a tune. They especially love it when he can write a song just about them.

  4. The Foreigner
    Slightly swarthy and deeply mysterious, The Foreigner speaks with a discernable accent and has visited dozens of places you can’t even pronounce. Women love him because of his over-the-top chivalric gestures and his never-ending promises to whisk them off to romantic far-away lands.

  5. The Sensitive Artist
    Every woman needs a shoulder to cry on and that’s precisely where The Sensitive Artist comes in. This sweater-vest-wearing pushover combines the listening skills of an eagle with the sexual vitality of a eunuch, making him a perfectly nonthreatening friend for any female.

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